Monday, November 17, 2008

How to choose The Personal trainer

In my last post I explained why one needs to have a trainer. You need an outside force to drаg you in the gym and keep you there. Now I want to give you a few tips on how to pick the right one. When you decide to hire one, keep in mind that this it is not a miracle pill; you won’t see drastic changes with 8,10 or even 20 sessions . What you must receive from these sessions is an education.

You have to learn how your body works. You have to know how to use the right muscles in the right order. And your trainer must teach you the basics , such as how to move, how to breath, and what to feel.

It is essential for your success to have a good trainer, because with a bad one, it will be a big waste of money and time.

How to spot a good one:

1. You have to like him/her, your trainer has to look good and be an inspiration for you. I believe if somebody wants to teach , this person has to be close to perfect in his or her field . In this case,looking good , healthy, and strong are paramount.

2 . When showing you how to do exercises, the trainer has to be very specific , with their explanation , showing what muscle to use , how to move, and sometimes poke or push you hard in your soft tissue to help accelerate your brain - muscle connection .

3. If your trainer uses machines more then 20% of the time, fire him or her. Is not worth the money you are paying. You need to learn how to use free weights, dumbbells, barbells , balance disks, and balls . If trainers don’t use them , they are lazy or ignorant . Trust me! It is hard to teach how to squat or dead lift, and it is very easy to put a client on a leg press and count the repetitions .

4. Your trainer must be patient , and teach you the correct way of doing exercises until you get it right. this needs to happen, even if it requires correcting your moves every second.

5. Your trainer needs to keep an eye on you and not allow interruptions, such as phone calls,, text messaging, chatting with buddies , or with cute girls or boys, etc. You are paying good money, and you have to have all of their attention all of the time.

6.Be aware of male trainers. They tend to use too much weight with women, who are not ready physically and mentally for this . Or they pay a lot of attentions to the upper body and neglect the core and legs .

7. Split system , when you do only one or two parts in your workout , it doesn’t work with women,( it hardly works for men) and every professional trainer knows this. You need a full body workout which uses large muscle groups like legs, back, shoulders and core, and exercises that develop these muscles, which are called multi-joint or compound movements. Compound movements are at the heart of any good weight training program, because with them you are gaining the most results in the shortest time.

8. Your trainer has to motivate and challenge you all the time . He or she should change workouts and make them interesting. You are supposed to be in pain and tired but not bored. In my experience with women, boredom creates or causes a huge downfall in progress.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why the average woman needs a personal trainer!!!!

You’ve been bombarded thousands of times about being thin, pretty and healthy. Every TV show, magazine and celebrity article depict to you how to, where to and how long to do it, “in propaganda we trust.” You are compelled that you need a healthy life style and you are going to buy a gym membership. Well at least you think to yourself and eventually, in the near future you’ll get to the Gym!!!! Why not now?

You’re being intimidated by several fears. One thought about exercising makes you think, “Mmmh…I think the garage still needs to be clean.” We all understand that you don’t like exercising with all your heart. You’re uncertain how to do the exercise and afraid to look silly while trying. You maybe intimidated by the machines and other pieces of iron thingies you know nothing about. Have you ever wondered why they place wall mirrors everywhere in the Gym, why?? The other people in the Gym just like you are feeling the same anxiety. First don’t feel bad, use this as fuel to compel yourself to do better.

All of these phobias are definitely obstacles on the way to being thin, pretty and healthy. YOU NEED HELP NOW!!! You need to allow a personal trainer help you. A personal trainer is not just someone that only celebrities need; trainers are here to help the average woman’s mind, body and soul. Now a days it’s no longer a luxury to be fit and look good, but a must have for all. Of course, you’re asking yourself, “What am I getting out of this?”

By assessing your needs and goals, your sessions are set. By having you kicking and screaming to the Gym is a trainers way of saying, they care. Exercising with a professional who takes their job seriously, means they are not moved by your tears. In addition, a trainer will not let you down and you will be trained period! It takes 48 days to develop a habit and after a few weeks, you will almost love coming to the Gym.

A personal trainer will teach you what you need to know about fitness. They’ll instruct you on what exercises you have to do and proper technique. They will also go over which works best for you i.e.) machines or free-weights. A trainer will also give you some Gym etiquette that will help you get the weights you need from the guys whose arms are bigger than your waist. A Jungle Gym like you would not believe and you can be your own Tarzan!!

In a few weeks you’ll realize that no one is truly concerned with how you look, they have their own fears and self-esteem issues. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable around the Gym, kinda like home with a touchier chamber. You’ll rediscover your body and its abilities. You will also love the fact that you are stronger than you thought you were and build self-confidence in the process.
Hiring a personal trainer, you will learn how to be self-sufficient, workout safely and understand your nutritional guidelines. You will also develop workout techniques, overcome workout plateaus and maintain your body. A personal trainer will be there who will listen, encourage, laugh at your jokes and won’t mind if you use language only a drunken sailor would use on a Friday Night on shore leave. In a trainers’ heart they know that you’ll say this with the utmost love and in all honesty, personal trainers take this as doing there job correctly. Exhaustion and cursing are like complements and nothing sounds better than our clients screaming at the end of a set.

Thanks NatashaFit

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